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After Surgery

After Surgery

Rest assured you will be fully instructed on wound care after your surgery.  Detailed written instructions will be provided. You should plan on wearing a bandage and avoiding strenuous physical activity for about one week. Most of our patients report minimal post-operative pain which responds readily to extra strength Tylenol©.  Prescription pain killers are usually not required but will be given if the surgery dictates their use.

You may experience a sensation of tightness across the area of surgery.  Removal of the cancer frequently involves interruption of local nerves which usually results in temporary numbness of the surrounding area.  It may be several months before your skin sensation returns to normal. In rare instances, the numbness may be permanent. You may also experience itching after your wound has healed.

It takes a full year to reach the final scar result.  During the first few weeks there will likely be bruising, swelling, and redness.  Especially during the first few months, the site may feel thick, swollen, or lumpy.  Gentle massage of the area (starting about 1 month after the surgery) will speed the healing process. 
We frequently utilize dissolving sutures for patient convenience.  Appropriate follow-up will be scheduled to make sure the healing process progresses as expected.

Studies have shown that once you develop a skin cancer, there is a strong possibility of developing other skin cancers in the future.  After the healing process is complete, we will arrange follow up with your referring physician/dermatologist for continued surveillance of your skin.


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